Most of my results are published in international, peer-reviewed scientific journals. In addition, I have also participated in books and co-authored several patents.

Research articles

Since 1999 I have co-authored over 100 scientific papers. My current Hirsch-index, according to Scopus and the Web of Science, is 26.

Book chapters

I have also contributed to books on biosensors and miniaturized electrochemical devices.


Patents help create value in industry, and are one of the most important means to transfer technology.

Presence in Scientific Databases

iD        ORCID
ORCiD is a registry system that enables researchers to unequivocally identify their work, and provides an indexed publication record.

See my ORCiD record. 

Researcher ID
Researcher ID is Reuter’s Web of Science equivalent of ORCiD. In addition to listing published works, Researcher ID also provides citation metrics.

See my Researcher ID page. 

Google Scholar
In case you don't have access to paid scientific databases, Google scholar is an excellent free resource to find scientific works.

See my Google Scholar citations. 

Social Media

RG     ResearchGate
ResearchGate is an academic network where researchers can share their work and interact with others.

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P     Publons
Publons enables researchers get recognition for their reviewing activity.

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F. Javier del Campo.
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