The advanced infrastructure of CNM, which includes production in one of the most flexible Clean Rooms in Europe, enabling collaboration with industry, both in the development of joint R&D projects, and the supply of prototypes and small volumes.
This capacity allows us to place at your disposition a unique offer in microelectronic technologies, with added value and customised to your needs.

ASICS (CMOS 2.5 µm)

Integrated circuits designed for a specific application. Custom chips that contain both analogue and digital functions. Industries that use a large number of components in their products can frequently replace them by a single ASIC, with a consequent reduction in cost, improvement in performance and a significant reduction in size, weight and consumption.

D+T Microelectrónica AIE, carries out the design and manufacture of prototypes and series of integrated circuits "tailored to your needs". The optimisation of each design results in a reduction in cost, improvement in reliability, improvement in performance and guarantees the confidentiality of the circuit. This favours incorporation in very diverse sectors, from automobiles to lighting, or from medicine to games.

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The solution offered by "multi-chip modules" allows for the manufacture of two or more chips mounted on a single substrate. This offers considerable advantages in terms of functionality and reduction in size and the integration of conventional circuits and designs from different technologies. The multi-chip module (MCM) represents a solution at the system level to package, in a greatly reduced size, monolithic integrated circuits manufactured with different technologies. The assembly is carried out using silicon substrates that, in turn permit the integration of functions that are costly to perform in other technologies.
MCM's represent a rapid solution to the problem of producing complete systems based on chips manufactured with fundamentally incompatible technologies (Si with AsGa, power and logic circuits etc.).



A microsystem is an intelligent miniaturised system which can include sensors, signal processing and/or actuation functions. The sensors or actuators interact with their environment measuring a combination of the following forms of energy: electrical, mechanical, optical, chemical, biological or magnetic. Microsystems can be integrated onto a single chip or onto a hybrid multi-chip. Examples of microsystems are the sensors and actuators for air bags in cars, devices for measuring blood sugar level and insulin dose modulators for diabetics.

A silicon microsystem is a fundamentally electronic system, with extremely reduced dimensions that integrates, in addition to electronic functions, other functions, chemical, biological, physical etc., utilising silicon micromachining technology. It combines in a single monolithic or hybrid (MCM) module, one part sensor and/or actuator coupled to the real world, together with calculation or signal processing functions, realised with classic microelectronic technology.
Sensors of pressure, acceleration, force, temperature, contamination, pH etc., equipped with intelligent microelectronics are the products which are today often found being developed into microsystems.

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Chemical transducers

Power devices

Solid state devices for the regulation and control of high voltages and/or high currents.
Power devices of the types DMOS, VDMOS, IGBT etc., for the control of high voltages or currents, with rapid response times, are one of the specialities of D+T Microelectrónica AIE, both at the level of advanced design and manufacture of low and medium volumes.

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Power devices and systems