The Clean Room facility of CNM-IMB is especially well suited for R+D+i projects due to the flexibility of its processes. The installed equipments and the large experience and expertise of its staff guarantees the silicon device processing and characterisation steps.

In spite of this flexibility, the organisation, management and procedures of use are well established and can be considered as quasi-industrial. These procedures ensure the process quality in terms of reliability and repetitiveness that are of vital importance for training and research purposes.

The available Clean Room technologies are well established technologies and not mere processes linked together; thus, reproducible results are obtained with production yield and reliability similar to the industrial ones. Another remarkable point deals with the completeness of processes offered which makes feasible the existence of operative technologies, from the device design to their encapsulation and test, passing through the fabrication process (back-end and front-end processes).

Within the Clean Room facilities a Nanofabrication Laboratory has been arranged. The objective of this laboratory is to integrate the nanolithography tools with other technological processes available at CNM-IMB for fabricating nanostructures, nanodevices and nanosystems

The Microsystems Laboratory, specially designed to settle the silicon micromechanization techniques and the required characterization tools, makes the appropiate technologies for the fabrication of Microsystems available to the academic and industrial communities.