25 m2 of surface. Class 10000 in the room and class 1000 in the wet process stations. Temperature control (21º ±1ºC). Total air flow of 7.000 m3 ,for 150 cycles/hour with an external air flow supply of the 15%. Ultrapure nitrogen distribution, vacumm, compressed air and water-cooling system

Person responsible/contact: Marta Duch (marta.duch@cnm.es)


Available Technologies


Wet etching of different materials

  • Bulk silicon micromachining (anisotropic wet etching)
  • Surface silicon micromachining
  • Metals: chromium, titanium, nickel, gold, aluminium
  • Glass etching
  • Other materials


Deposition of layers

  • Protection layers: wax, photoresist
  • Ni-P Electroless

Laboratory Equipment

Wet etching and cleaning equipment

  • 4 benches for Silicon anisotropic wet etching alkaline solutions: KOH, TMAH.
  • 4 benches for multipurpose: 2 for wafer with metals and 2 for wafers without metals
  • 2 overflow rinse tanks for wafer cleaning and 2 nitrogen guns for wafers drying

Small equipment

  • ultrasonic tank,
  • gas cabinet
  • small spinner
  • scale, magnetic stirring…

Critical Point Dryer

  • Liquid CO2 flow
  • Critical conditions: temperature 32ºC and pressure 73 atm.

Test equipment

  • 1 optical microscope
  • 1 stereomicroscope
  • 1 Optical Imaging Profiler

Available processes 

  • Anisotropic wet etching of Silicon for bulk micromachining in alkaline solutions. The etching solutions used are KOH and TMAH. SiO2 and Si3N4 are used as a mask layers during the etch. Four different etch-stop methods are available.
  • Surface micromachining of silicon. The process can be performed by wet etching in HF solutions as well as in HF vapours. A SiO2 layer is used as a sacrificial layer
  • Isotropic wet etching of silicon
  • Wet etching of metals: aluminium, chromium, titanium, nickel and gold
  • Isotropic wet etching of glass wafers
  • Lift-off
  • Other wet etching processes


Contact: Dt@cnm.es